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Rebecca Grace FitzPatrick
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This is Rebecca, at 12 weeks in the pregnancy, the placenta began to detatch, this is known as placenta abruptio. The placenta is where the baby gets food and oxygen from Mommy. God healed it so it did not detatch any more. Later on during ultrasound, placenta previa was detected, this is where the placenta covers the mouth of the cervix, God healed this also, within one week the placenta had moved back up, placentas don't move, God moved it. In yet another ultra sound her brain was found to be swollen, God healed this also within 1 week. Cysts were detected on the brain and God removed them too. She didn't move very much so an ultra sound was done again, babies in vitro, practice "breathing" from about the 28th week on, at 36 weeks she was only doing this sporadically during an hours scan. On Thursday 23 March 2000, we went to the doctor's office, where she was placed on a monitor, when Jennifer contracted Rebecca's heart would slow down. We were sent to Gwinnett Medical Center, and told we were staying the whole night so the baby could be monitored. She was also in malpresentation breech. At 5 AM on Friday 24 March several nurses and a doctor rushed into the room and Jennifer was rushed into surgery for an Emergency C section, during a contraction her heart had slowed to 60 beats per minute, while normal in an adult, a baby's heart should beat almost 3 times as fast. Rebecca was born at 5:37 AM. She cried very weakly and would not turn pink, she was very blue. She was rushed into NICU and intubated at 100% oxygen. Around 6 PM she was reduced to 72% this morning she is at 25%. Although she is not breathing very well, it is very hard for her. Her head is overly large, an ultrasound through the fontanel (soft spot) showed no swelling or water, when she is extubated they will perform an MRI. An Echo Cardiogram was made of her heart, it showed a large hole in the septum between the left and right atria, and several small holes between the left and right ventricles. Her belly is overlarge and distended and her liver is distended as well. The doctors do not know what is wrong. God knows, and God can and will heal her, Please pray for her she has not been held in her mother's arms even once, she is in a struggle for her life. Thank You. Chris FitzPatrick

Chris & Jennifer FitzPatrick
1244 Ridge Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30043-3811
United States

Please feel free to contact us and let us know you are praying for us

NOTICE: I would like to apologize to everyone who wrote to us at, I forwarded them to an account where I could answer them and all the reply addresses had been removed, it just replies back to that account, I am so sorry,I wanted so much to thank each of you personally, so I thank you now. I have all of the messages and I am saving them, God Bless You.

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26 MAR 2000- Set oxygen back to 20%
26 MAR 2000- Set oxygen back to 10%
Feeding Through Tube 10cc breast milk
27 MAR 2000- Breathing tube removed

She is struggling to breathe, it tires her out, so periodically she stops breathing
for a few seconds. She is still getting oxygen, through the nostrils, it eases up
the effort she uses to breathe. Her heart is what is making so hard. Join us in prayer so
God will heal her heart. She is scheduled for an MRI tommorow 28 MAR, at 12:15 PM. The Lord
is in the business of fixing hearts, believe with us for healing

27 MAR 2000 Doctor informs us Rebecca's spleen
is swollen


28 MAR 2000
MRI today, no results.
28 MAR 2000
We held her! When we came in she was actually crying, very weakly
but crying. She uses all her muscles to breathe, she is fighting hard
she needs strength. The doctors say that the large hole in her heart
will not heal. So now God can really amaze the doctors. We are told that her
liver is more of a problem than her heart. We still do not know what is wrong with that.
They expect surgery in 6 months to place an aortic band to control blood flow. Later
they plan to cut her open again to sew the holes up. God has other plans. Please continue
your prayers. We answer each and every e-mail you send us, I save each one for her to read
when she is older. We thank God for everyone of you who stand in the gap for Rebecca, there are
many of you who have written so we expect that there are many others who have not, God Bless
each and everyone of you, I thank you and I don't know how to express beyond that.

29 MAR 2000

Rebecca seems to be more comfortable today, we have learned a little bit more. The MRI yesterday was normal. An EEG (brain wave scan) showed no abnormalities. Praise the Lord! The large hole in her heart is pushing blood back through the lungs, which causes the lungs to fill with fluid. In about two weeks they plan to cut her chest and place an aortic band, which restricts the flow of blood to the heart. When she is older(6 mos) they plan to cut her again and sew up the holes. We were not able to hold her today, we comforted her as best we could. We do not believe surgery will be necessary after God heals her. Please continue in prayer.
29 MAR 2000

This evening she seems to be resting more comfortably, her breathing is a little rapid the rate is 55 bpm, normal would be 25-30 bpm. We are afraid she may wear out. According to her nurse her elarged heart is resolving itself, I see the hand of God, GLORY GLORY!
She is on medication that makes her heart beat harder, although not faster. Her bilirubin (the stuff that causes jaundice) count is up, but down to 9 from 13 last night.
30 MAR 2000

This morning she is breathing a little slower, (45-50 bpm)She is not struggling as hard as she was. She has been taken off the medication that combats fluid in the lungs. Her bilirubin levels are normal today. God is healing her, bit by bit and piece by piece. We thank You God for the things Your hand is doing, for the wonderous things we can see, and the hidden things we cannot, all the Glory is Yours.

31 MAR 2000

She has been taken off IV fluids. There is a possibility she may go back on them. I don't think so. Glory! Her breathing is even less labored to day, still a struggle, but less and less so. She has been taken off her heart medication, as it has been affecting her liver, still distended, but who knows? GOD knows. She seems to be resting comfortably. So, I'll just say, Praise the Lord! She has lost 1 pound (497 gr) this is normal.
31 MAR 2000

Removing her IV fluids caused her blood sugar to drop drastically, she should have been weaned off, so she is back on IV again, it will go slower this time. Her feeding has been increased to 2 oz. she is struggling a little harder to breathe. She cried a little. She mostly cries when we are not there. We do not know the hows and whys, but God is working still. I read Psalm 91 to her.
1 APR 2000

Rebecca has been taken off of CPAP(constant positive air pressure)she is being given a little oxygen through a nasal canula, much more comfortable than a CPAP. She is breathing much harder today, and faster, around 80 to 95 bpm. When we read scripture to her it went down to 45 to 56 bpm. Her oxygen saturation also jumped up to 98% from 93%. she opened her eyes to look at us, she keeps them closed mostly, since it is a lot of work to breathe.
1 APR 2000

She is resting tonight, she has had, she is still on the nasal canula, and they find no difference between the vent the CPAP and the canula, the nurse was very encouraging,(very odd) she is still pulling breath very hard, that heart just needs fixed, her resperatory rate is staying in the 40's and 50's with occasional spikes into the 80's, but that is probably because the monitor is too sensitive to movement. She had been bathed and looked beautiful, We thank God for the precious gift of her life. She will be made whole to glorify God.
2 APR 2000

We held her tonight for a long time, her breathing slowed down into the 30's while we held her, Jennifer changed a diaper on her, we had a very good nurse tonight. She opens her eyes but she rolls them back into her head most times. She was very alert. She was taken off of IV fluid again today and her sugar dropped again, so she is back on them again. She is still breathing hard, but she just looks better. All praise is His.
3 APR 2000

This afternoon, she was agitated and working very hard to breathe, she was breathing near 100 breaths per minute, we had a conference with the doctor. Every test they have sent out has come back negative. Praise the Lord! There are no chromosonal problems. In the next 2 days they will be sending out tests for the more rare types of diseases. Thee is no diagnosis as of yet.
3 APR 2000

This evening she is pulling breath at over 100 breaths per minute. It has been staying between 72 and 96, with occasional spikes. She has been placed back on CPAP at 50% oxygen. She is in heart failure and may need to be intubated again. She is struggling and is tiring out to the point of exhaustion. Lord we need you! There is no one else to turn to, You alone have the power to heal, there is no one else.
4 APR 2000

Today she is much better, last night there was a lot of wavering in faith, a lesson, never go by what you see. She is still on CPAP. Her milk has been cut back 25 ml and that part replaced with IV calories, it seems she wasn't digesting all of it and the fluid was gathering in other places. Her lungs is one guess. She has been placed on a diuretic to help dry her lungs. She is breathing much slower and with much less effort, Crying may last a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
5 APR 2000

This afternoon, she was wide awake, eyes open, looking at me, I wore a mask because I have a cough. She gripped my finger, like babies do, except she has never before today had the strength to do it. Glory! She was breathing in the 30's sometimes in the 50's. There is concern for her liver, the medication that keeps her lungs dry had affected her liver in the past. There was no struggling today. She was at peace.
5 APR 2000

This evening she was completely off of life support! Glory to God! (All Glory)She was not struggling for breath, just breathing a little harder than most babies. She has an IV in her foot in case she needs something. Her feeding tube is still in place, it is hard work for babies to eat, this makes it easier for her. She was awake and alert, as we held her and she responded to our voices. We read part of Gen. 24, (Isaac and Rebekah) and Ps.24 to her. God will soon fix her heart. We are giving thanks to the Lord God our Healer.
6 APR 2000

We were only able to get in to see her once today. We went in this evening, she had no IV any more, just her feeding tube and some monitors for pulse and such. Jennifer and I gave her a bath (sponge) and held her and talked to her, we read Ps.65 & 66 to her, she was alert. She was pulling breath a little hard but did not seem uncomfortable. Every day we see a little more of what God is doing, in her body, in us and the world around us through her. So many lives are touched by this little baby, God does as He pleases, and loves us all the way, through trial, and when times are fat. Please read Psalm 66 for yourself right now.
7 APR 2000

Well, Praise the Lord! She seems to be very comfortable, and is alert with a lot of looking here and there. She pulled her feeding tube out today. It had to go back in unfortunately. We wish she was home with us so badly. But there are some issues to deal with, her liver and heart as well as her spleen and head. She looks as if she could come home, and we know this is the Lord's doing, His ways are not our ways. We are grateful for everyones prayers, and grateful to Almighty God for what He has done already, and for what He will do, to show His Power and His Mercy and most of all, His great unfathomable Love.
8 APR 2000

This evening she was resting comfortably, her feeding tube was moved to her nose,(she hates it in her mouth). She was breathing through her nose and not her mouth as well. Rebecca was very peaceful this evening, we just watched her for a while. We believe there might be a possibility of Noonan Syndrome, I recieved a tip in an e-mail, researched it and made printouts for the doctors on Monday. We pray this is not the case, even if it is, for God, nothing is impossible.
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