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26 JULY 2000
I went in to see Rebecca around 2AM this morning, she was just waking up because of some pre-surgery blood tests, she was not happy about that. When they were finished, well, she assumed it was playtime, so we had a grand old time until about 4:30 am. Rebecca's surgery started just before 1pm today and lasted until just before 7pm. Everything went well, the band was removed, the big ASD was repaired and 3 areas of multiple VSD's were repaired using Dacron patches. An echo showed everything to be in order. She is on a ventilator and will start to be weaned from that tomorrow. Her oxygen profusion is at 100%!, she has good color, we have never seen this before, there was always a little tinge of blue in there. There is an external pacemaker in place, the atria seem to be doing their job, the ventricles are being paced. Stitches tend to interupt the electrical pathways in the heart, she should have her own rhythm back in a day or two. So it comes down to one thing, PRAISE THE LORD!Psalm 69:30-34. Here are some pictures of her after surgery, they are not pretty, but they are beautiful when you know what all this signifies.

27 JULY 2000
Rebecca is in fair condition this morning, her heart rate has jumped up to around 200 bpm, and is staying there, she is recieving a lot of medication to keep it slower. This is an effect of the surgery, something they have confidence they can control.

28 JULY 2000
They have stopped monitoring the atrium of the heart, it has had it's own rhythm right from the start. Her ventricles have not been paced since last night, so it seems they are healed already. Rebecca had a bath and all of the betadine has been washed away, her color is very good, she is still at 100% oxygen profusion, but only recieving 50% oxygen. They are slowly weaning her from the ventilator. She may be transfered back to Gwinnett on Monday, and then home. Praise the Lord!
29 JULY 2000
Rebecca's heart has been beating on it's own for 2 days now. She is still being paralyzed and kept asleep until the chest tube comes out on Sunday. It has quit draining. Most likely she will be back in Gwinnett on Monday, that is official word, yet as always, subject to change. It is also possible the ventilator tube will be removed then too. Isn't God Good?
1 AUG 2000
Well Rebecca has been back in Gwinnett for 2 days now, been fairly quiet, except for today, a very agitated day. Her left lung is mostly collapsed from all the fluid. She is on bumix, which is many times more powerful than lasix. The fluid build up is a common side effect of surgery. Rebecca was wide awake, and even smiled a little past her vent tube, I would not be happy with a vent tube in, but Rebecca is just glad to be here I guess.
2 AUG 2000
Rebecca is doing well today. Her vent is set at 15 bpm, yet she is breathing at 40 or more bpm! Dr. Suskind says they will take her off the vent in a few days, Dr. Leigh replied he would try it over the weekend, so it will be soon. She also resumed feeding today at 6PM! Dr. V took an echo today, there was one small VSD that did not get closed, I think I need to stress the word "small", everything is working properly and this one should close itself by and by.
They did a wonderful job closing the incision
This an actual smile!
Big sister Sarah came to visit today.
3 AUG 2000
Rebecca got off the ventilator for a while today, she had to be reintubated though, just too many secretions in her lungs. She had to come off the bumix, because it was depleting her electrolites, so she will go back onto lasix. She is fighting, she is ready, there is just a wee bit more healing to take place. Soon.
6 AUG 2000
Rebecca is off the vent today! She is struggling pretty hard, but going strong. There is still an awful lot of fluid in her lungs but it is slowly coming out, it is always better to have the vent out than in. She is getting there. Praise the Lord!
7 AUG 2000
Rebecca is doing well today, not pulling so hard to breathe. She pulled her central line out today, this si bad, it can cause you to bleed to death in a very short time. So we give praise and thanks to the Lord, that not even one drop of blood was spilled, not one! He stopped it before anything happened,not one drop!!!!Praise the Lord!!!
9 AUG 2000
Rebecca was sad this morning, I picked her up and held her, it only helped a little, I sang, I read, I patted her, eventually it turned out, she just wanted to sit up. She was just tired of laying around. We put a bouncy seat in her crib, sat her up in it, instant bliss. Her arterial line is out now and she is taking a little from the bottle now, very encouraging.
10 AUG 200
Rebecca is doing better and better each day, there is a wonderful work in her life and with all who are involved in warfare and concern for her. We never asked for a sign, we believed and the signs followed. Rebecca is not home yet, but we are forever grateful, for all that has already been done, and still trusting in what is to come.

PSALMS 69: 30-34. . . I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify Him with thanksgiving. This will please the Lord more than an ox or a bull with horns and hoofs. Let the oppressed see it and be glad; you who seek God, let your hearts revive. For the Lord hears the needy, and does not despise His own that are in bonds. Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves therein. . ."



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