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27 April 2000

We were unable to see Rebecca today, she was in the process of being transfered to Egleston Hospital, but she is there now. In the morning they will run the cath diagnostic. They tell us it is simple, there is no risk to speak of, and does not require anesthesia, just a little something to keep her calm, this is the first day I have not seen her. We hope the Lord has some surprises in store for tomorrow!

28 April 2000
This is a real quick thank you for all of y'all who have been keeping in touch and praying for wee Rebecca, you deserve more than a "quick" thank you, God Bless you too! Today Rebecca had her cath test, it showed that still too much blood was going back through the lungs, she had to stay in Atlanta, so very far away. The doctors will be making rounds in the morning and will make some sort of decision, we are in the dark up here. Ex 10:22,23
29 April 2000
Today Rebecca is breathing over ventilator,but, the breaths are too shallow to do her any good. She will be recieving another dose of steroids, and will be weaned off the vent again. Monday the doctors all get together for a meeting, Rebecca will be discussed. She has also been put on another less harsh diuretic.
30 April 2000
Today, Rebecca decided to extubate herself. Not wanting an opportunity to go by, she was watched carefully. She could only last 10 minutes, so despite her wishes and best efforts, she is still on the vent.She was very relaxed, considering the stress she'd been under. We recieved a prayer cloth from some old friends of mine in Seattle, so I laid it on her and prayed, I left it with her when we went home. If you would like to know more about the heart, ASD's and VSD's, Click on the HEARTS.
Atrial Septal Defect
Ventricular Septal Defect
1 MAY 2000
Dear friends, this evening we had a meeting with a resident otolaryngologist. Tomorrow afternoon(2May) they will take her to the OR and run a scope down her throat to look for blockages in the airway. We had to watch a video about caring for children with a tracheostomy. Please keep this in prayer. Other than that, Rebecca was sedated a little, and resting quietly. Her blood sugar has been dipping low quite often, so she is being supplemented. They have changed her central line to the left side of her chest Lord we thank you for Rebecca. Children are an heritage from the Lord.
2 MAY 2000
Rebecca had her bronchoscopy today, they didn't find a thing, Praise the Lord! She has a little lung infection, so her antibiotics have been changed. She is resting comfortably, and behaving herself. She will get a bath tonight.
3 MAY 2000
Some answers today. When the thorocotomy to put on a pulmonary band was done, a nerve was cut or nicked. This caused the left side of Rebecca's diaphragm to be paralyzed. So this explains why she is not breathing on her own like she was before the surgery. Only the right side moves, hence the very shallow breaths. They will need to perform surgery to "tack" the left side of her diaphragm up, until the nerve heals, so she can expand her lungs. There is a possibility that it will not heal and remain paralyzed. In a few days they will decide whether or not to redo the banding or go for open heart surgery. Lord Jesus, please heal Rebecca, strengthen her with Your right hand, breathe the breath of Life into her as you did Adam in the Garden.
3 MAY 2000
Rebecca has slept away most of the day, she is getting a little older, so she is a little more active, or rather she would like to be a little more active. She has a lott of little wires hooked up to this and that, IV lines and a ventilator tube. She has a tendency to grab them and pull them out, so she is kept sedated quite a bit. She is still the sweetest thing this side of heaven. (says Dad)

5 MAY 2000


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