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5 MAY 2000

When You Talk to the doctor, things become clearer. Rebecca's left diaphragm is only partially paralyzed. This happens because the nerve can get bruised or the electric cautery can shock it a little. Dr. Tam will think over the weekend whether or not to do open heart surgery. He says there is no hope of improvement in condition without it. She is already scheduled for Tues 9 or Wed 10 May. The surgery will take 5 to 6 hours. Rebecca was awake tonight, though very sedated. I placed my hands under her to hold her and talked to her.

6 MAY 2000
We went to see Rebecca this evening, she was sedated and did not open her eyes. She recieved a lot of kisses from daddy. She had a quiet day, but her breaths were set up to 26 bpm from 20 bpm, since her C02 levels were a little high.
8 MAY 2000
Surgery is still scheduled for Wednesday. But it looks like they have opted out of open heart surgery, instead they will pull the left side of the diaphragm down and stitch it in place. If the nerve heals, her left diaphragm will still remain stitched down and will be unable to work. We ask the Lord to heal her diaphragm so this surgery will not be neccesary.
9 MAY 2000
This is the eve of the surgery, we recieved a call this evening around 11:00pm, that they will start early at 6 am. Rebecca was asleep when we visited, her brother (2 1/2) came to see her, he did not want anyone including mommy and daddy to touch "his" baby. He is very protective of her. We spoke with the surgeon, they are planning two procedures. They will plicate the left diaphragm and tighten the band on the pulmonary artery as well. There will be inflamation from the last surgery. They believe that open heart surgery can wait, and we are in agreement there. Thank you, everyone of you, for standing in the gap for Rebecca.
10 MAY 2000
Rebecca had her surgeries this morning, she was awake but groggy when we were allowed back to see her. It seems all went well, Praise the Lord! She is in a tremendous amount of pain, particularly in her belly near the diaphragm. Her nurse today was very conscientious about pain relief. She has already had her ventilator setings reduced once today, they will slowly wean her off of it.We stayed until this evening. Perhaps in a few days she will be transfered back up to Gwinnett.


11 MAY 2000
Rebecca had a very quiet day and a quiet evening. She is making some progress. She is in some pain still, they put her on a continuous drip of pain medication. Her belly is still very sore, and also her side and back where the incision was made. She has been weaned a little bit more from the ventilator, she is down to 15 bpm, and they are expecting to lower it again at 4:30 am to 13 bpm.
12 MAY 2000
Dear Friends, We saw little Rebecca today, she has been taken off of fentanil (ventanil?) and given methadone. She had a little incident today, she got a little upset, and sort of clamped down, had to be bagged, they reset her vent back to 26, and slowly throughout the day bought it back to 16 bpm. It looks like she will be back in Gwinnett on Monday. God is always good, even when it doesn't look like it.
13 MAY 2000
Rebecca is down to 14 bpm on the ventilator, she can't go down any farther. She has one hazy lung.(little pockets of fluid) Her nurses give her albuterol treatments, hopefully it will clear up.


14 MAY 2000
This evening Rebecca got a little agitated and her vent tube needed retaping. She was given a little sedation to calm her down. On Monday rounds the doctors will decide if she needs a cath test to see if she is doing ok, which means they have decided already. If she is ok to transport she will probably come up here on Tues. This test will determine if she needs surgery again or no.Psalm 66 v 1-5, Shout with joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of His Name; make His praise glorious. Say to God, "How awesome are Your deeds! So great is Your Power, that Your enemies cringe before You. All the earth bows down to You; they sing praise to You, they sing praise to Your name. Selah (pause and think)Come and see what God has done how awesome His works on man's behalf!



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