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CENTER>29 MAY 2000 We got out late to see Rebecca today(baby sitters you know).She had a fever for most of the day it went down some, which is good. She was sleeping like a little angel, so we took a lot of pictures you can find them here

30 MAY 2000
Rebecca was awake and bright eyed and bushy tailed. Jennifer and I held her and talked to her, we saw something new today, SMILES! 3 great big ones, we are so pleased we cannot contain ourselves. We know the Lord is working towards His ends, God is good. Here are some pictures from this evening. >

31 MAY 2000
We got some good news today. Rebecca had gotten some regular feedings, she was at 5 cc yesterday. It was increased to 15 cc today. This morning she took 10cc by mouth, the rest was tubed in, tonight she took only 5cc by mouth and the rest was tubed in. She has never been able to take food by mouth before, she couldn't figure out how to swallow. We see evidence of God's hand working in her. Faith is the substance of things unseen. Our hope is in God alone.
1 JUNE 2000
I got in very late to see Rebecca tonight. Her oxygen stats went down today so they put her on nasal canula. She kept pulling it out. I held her for a very long time and talked to her, she smiled a little, I wonder if she knows how that makes me feel? Most of the time she seems ok, but I wonder. We want so very much for her to be healthy, happy and home.
2 JUNE 2000
We were able to talk to Dr. Suskind today. He informs us that the plan is for Rebecca to come home! We will meet with him, Dr. Vitaleski and Dr. Caraway this week to discuss all this. Rebecca cannot come home while she is on oxygen of course. She isn't really using it since she keeps pulling it out of her nose anyway. She fell asleep in my arms tonight, God is good.
4 JUNE 2000
Rebecca was taken off of nasal canula today, went all day in fact, but after her bath and getting weighed she was a little upset so they put hewr back on again, but they will probably take her off again in the wee hours. I forgot to find out how much she weighed, but she is getting so much bigger, we are proud of her.
6 JUNE 2000
We ran into Dr. Suskind again tonight, he said even if Rebecca is still on oxygen, even if she still has her central line in, she can still come home to wait for the next surgery instead of sitting in the hospital. Quite a change from the grim things we heard down in Atlanta. Rebecca once again fell asleep in my arms, I love it!
7 JUN 2000
Rebecca was very upset when we came to see her tonight, her dinner was about 20 minutes late, she sure kicked up a fuss. When she started getting some food she was all better, then the gas came. I was very apprehensive about sitting her up to pat her on the back, but it was ok, she was still awake when we left. We have not heard about a conference yet this week we are still waiting. Be still and know that I am God.
10 JUN 2000
There have been no updates for the past 2 days, I am sorry. As some of you know I am a locksmith, and I have just been busy with a lot of late night calls and all day jobs. We have been in to see Rebecca of course. Tonight the nurses were extra nice and allowed 3 of us back at one time. I bought 2 of her sisters. Rebecca smiles at me, it takes a little coaxing, but when Abigail and Sarah spoke to her, she grinned away until they left. It was amazing. Rebecca has had a little fever, so it looks like another infection, she gets quite a few, please keep this in prayer. We are still waiting for a meeting with all the Dr.s, it is sometimes hard for them to all get together at once. The girls are asking when Rebecca will come home. Us too!
12 & 13 JUN 2000
When we went to see her on the 12th Rebecca was sleeping like a little angel, her oxygen had been reduced to 30%. Tonight on the other hand... Rebecca was on room air only, and wide awake and wiggly. She would not go to sleep, but was happy and smiling, she sat with me for over an hour, just listening and looking. Joy to a daddy's heart. Earlier in the day she had been in the swing as well. There is a meeting with Dr. Leigh and Dr. Vitaleski tomorrow at 5 pm, hopefully there will be a discharge order. All of the nurses believe we should have no problems with her at home, we are not sure if Dr. Leigh is very keen though. He has the final say. Well, the Lord God has the final say. We are very hopeful she can come home until next surgery.
14 JUN 2000
We met with Dr. Leigh and Dr. Vitaleski today. Dr. Vitaleski says, that she is very stable and is planning on sending her to Dr. Tam for open heart surgery in 1 to 3 months. Dr. Leigh says the plan is to bring her home, probably in the next week. This is only a plan he stressed, it is subject to change. Rebecca has a possible infection, but cultures show nothing, so they are waiting to make sure before she comes home. Well, Praise the Lord!

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