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How To Use A Slim-Jim

Most Locksmiths involved in car opening have Car Opening Tools with the manuals on how to open each car. If you want to slim jim a car: DON'T...... When you put a foriegn object in a door without the Knowledge or Reference Materials, even with the Correct Tools, you might end up with a lot of TROUBLE... DISCONNECTED LINKAGE RODS BENT LINKAGE RODS BREAKING ELECTRICAL WIRES IN DOOR DAMAGING OR DEPLOYING SIDE IMPACT AIR BAGS These things can be expensive to repair. Insurance just might cover the glass. It is really better in the long run to call a professional locksmith.

Want To Learn How To Pick A Lock?

Picking locks takes a lot of practice and high quality tools. Some of the tools you you see on the internet and in catalogs are just not high quality. You might possibly break the pick off in the keyway, and then you're in trouble. You cannot even get a key in the lock now and it cannot be picked until the broken pick is extracted. Which takes more tools. You will do what you should have done in the first place, call a locksmith. Being a locksmith involves more than picking locks and opening cars, to do these things you must have a complete understanding of how this hardware operates. Most Locksmiths went through extensive training to learn our profession. Good Locksmiths continue their training until the day they retire. We are in the security industry, we are responsible for Protecting Homes and Businesses as well as the People and Posessions in them. Let a Locksmith do the work, it is what we do, we are Trained Professionals, it is safer and less costly to get it done right, the first time.

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